Contemporary Home Office Furniture A number of companies around the United Kingdom have now taken the approach of having their staff work from home due to the Covid 19 virus that has been crippling the worlds economy since the beginning of this pandemic in March and contemporary home office furniture sales have risen dramatically. Unfortunately,.. read more →

Equipping Staff to Work from Home Workplaces are changing. Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, said that employers have a responsibility to ensure that work environments are ‘Covid-Secure’. This means that it cannot be business as usual for most employees as social distancing becomes the new normal, so where can you source second hand office furniture from.. read more →

Second Hand Office Chairs For Your Home The impact of the Coronavirus outbreak is hitting UK businesses hard. To reduce the number of Covid-19 cases, many employees are being advised to work from home. Whether social distancing, self-isolating or facing the prospect of home educating children, this is a new experience for many, so look.. read more →

Second Hand Office Furniture Homeworking Packages A few weeks ago, potholes, traffic jams, packed trains and delayed services were having the usual impact on our commute. Now the roads are quiet as the Coronavirus outbreak has forced thousands of businesses to encourage staff to work from home, so why not take a look at our.. read more →

Sustainable and Affordable Office Furniture It has never been more important to source sustainably and to promote reuse and recycling. Business owners also need to find cost-effective solutions in order to remain competitive. When it comes to office interiors, there is a way to tick all of the boxes. Your company can help to boost.. read more →

Is Second-Hand Office Furniture a Feature of Interior Design Trends? In recent years, office interiors have felt the influence of Scandi design. Stylish minimalism has coupled with natural materials, house plants and ergonomic office chairs. The aim has been to create calm work environments which promote employee well-being and productivity and with second hand office.. read more →

Delivering top-quality used office furniture, Second User Furniture is committed to providing exceptional customer service, reasonable pricing, reliable furniture delivery and sustainable furniture procurement. Whether you’re expanding to a new site, launching a business or redesigning your workspace, our range of second-hand office furniture will ensure you have everything you need. From second-hand office desks.. read more →

The used office furniture trends market never stands still. Companies are continually looking for incredible deals on new products and sniffing them out, wherever they can, online. The month of October is no different. 2nd User Furniture regularly releases a list of featured products and has done so again this month, offering business customers fabulous.. read more →

Businesses are under increasing pressure to reduce their environmental impact and increase employee well-being, without compromising on quality or efficiency. Every aspect of the modern workplace is under scrutiny as companies work to reduce business waste, embrace recycling and keep both customers and employees happy. Leading Designer Creates Sustainable Office Furniture Range Environmentally sustainable office.. read more →

In an environmentally-conscious world, we are all giving more thought to product reuse. With companies offering used office furniture for sale, is this a good way to fit out your workplace? Wrap data suggests that around 200,000 pre-owned office desks are reused every year in the UK. This helps to prevent an estimated 3,600 tonnes.. read more →

Back in 2017, plans were approved to boost the local economy of Uxbridge, £2.5million is being invested to improve the district, making it a more attractive place to live and work. One of the main developments is Uxbridge Business Park. This is designed to provide a complete work environment. Beyond adaptable office space, the buildings.. read more →

Personalisation is at the forefront of current marketing and customer service strategies and it should also form the foundation of your office interior design. We explore how personalisation with colour, pre-owned furniture and acoustic features can enhance the potential of your team. For years, the design of office interiors has focused on fitting as many.. read more →

You probably don’t believe many benefits come from buying used items. Well, this is meant to change your mind and explain to you the various advantages that come with buying used office furniture. If you have not embraced the idea that used furniture could add value to your home or office, then you are missing.. read more →

Why go for second hand office desks? Well if you have a business in London and you would like to purchase new furniture in an attempt to upgrade your workspace, buying second-hand furniture could be the best way to go. Here are some reasons why you should consider buying used office desks in particular… You.. read more →

24 Jun 2019
June 24,19

Acoustic Office Pods

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Open Plan Environments Using a variety of materials throughout the workplace can help create spaces that influence wellness and productivity. Open plan environments with hard floor surfaces do little to absorb sound, but insulation in raised access flooring will reduce echo, while the use of softening materials such as carpets, flooring made from natural fabrics.. read more →

Whether at home or in the workplace, the average person in the UK spends 9.5 hours a day sitting down. Although we are encouraged to get up and move around regularly, spending considerable time in a chair certainly highlights the importance of design. The Chair Exhibition The humble chair was the subject of a New.. read more →

29 May 2019
May 29,19

Iconic Designer Chairs

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When you are looking to equip your workspace with second-hand office chairs, you may be keen to find an iconic brand. Bagging a set of second-hand Herman Miller office chairs would certainly mean that you were getting quality furniture at a great price. Herman Miller Aeron Chairs These stylish chairs look ultra-modern, but they were.. read more →

Considerable effort is often put into the planning of a home interior. All those test pots to get right colour combinations, along with stylish furniture and the finishing touches are brought together to create a pleasant and welcoming environment. The same level of attention is often lacking when planning a workspace. There is plenty of.. read more →

Waste management is a growing priority for every business. Your company may be looking at ways to minimise waste or considering how you might achieve zero waste to landfill policies. It may not be the first point to spring to mind, but used office furniture should be part of the waste management plan. According to.. read more →

It is a fact that many of us spend as much time at our desks as in our beds. For this reason, it is essential that we can sit in a comfortable and supported position. Buying second-hand office chairs is a great option for cutting costs and environmental impact, but with so much choice, what.. read more →

24 Mar 2019
March 24,19

The Office Furniture Package

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As a business owner, commercial architect or developer, you may be seeking a reliable office furniture supplier who can undertake the complete fit out of workplace interiors. 2nd User Furniture provides a comprehensive service, with the added benefit of ticking all the environmental buttons. Our team can supply the required quality and quantity of office.. read more →

Do Sit-stand Desks Benefit your Workforce? We know that a sedentary lifestyle is no good for our health. Our bodies are designed to move and we need to be active in order to keep fit and healthy, but standing is hardly a demanding fitness routine. Modern office interiors are full of stylish and ergonomic furniture… read more →

There is plenty of evidence to show that providing your employees with a comfortable and appealing work environment can aid productivity and positivity. If the cost of kitting out your office interior is hard to swallow, open your eyes to second hand office furniture. Second hand office furniture has quickly become a much sought after.. read more →

View our full range of the well known Herman Miller Aeron Chairs. Nationwide delivery, fast and efficient service guaranteed. read more →

Welcome to Second User Furniture High quality second hand office furniture is now available through our new dedicated website. As far as we’re concerned, recycled, second hand office furniture is the solution if: You need products for your office immediately. You want to save money. You believe that resources should be re-used to help with.. read more →

25 Apr 2018
April 25,18

Buying Used Office Furniture

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Buying Used Office Furniture Is it worth considering buying used office furniture? The general consensus is that buying second hand ‘anything’ can mean limited choice, damages and marks, or obsolete items. This may well be the case in many circumstances, but if you shop around, you can be surprised. The website shows a huge.. read more →

09 Apr 2018
April 9,18

New Financial Year

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New Financial Year After a busy few months, we have accumulated a lot of fantastic furniture as we head into the new financial year, including over 300 Herman Miller Aeron Chairs.  These are due in our warehouse from early April, so get those orders in quick!  Other notable products include: Over 300 Sedus mesh-back meeting.. read more →

5 Advantages of Used Office Furniture For an office on a budget; kitting out the office is seemingly an impossible task to do, however, this needn’t be the case! Here at Second User Furniture, we supply used office furniture to suit the requirements of all businesses, so whether you’re looking to equip your small home.. read more →

A Guide to choosing Office Furniture Whether you’re looking for furniture to suit your new office or to simply update your existing working environment, Second User Furniture has a perfect solution for you! We supply a wide variety of second hand office furniture to suit some of the most diverse needs and demands, so you.. read more →

How to Update Your Office On A Budget Whether it be for your home study or your company office space, updating your office needn’t be difficult. Here at Second User Furniture, we have the perfect solution for you and show you how to update your office on a budget, without paying over the odds. Understandably,.. read more →

Reasons for Herman Miller Chairs Whether you’re renovating the office or moving into a new one, it’s inevitable you’ll want to choose furniture that blends perfectly with the rest of the room, so why not choose one of Second User Furniture’s Herman Miller chairs? In order to make your office stand out, there are several.. read more →

Second Hand Office Furniture Benefits As we all know, there are many aspects of second hand office furniture benefits. Second hand furniture has a bittersweet response amongst most of us, you tend to find that used office furniture stores, auctions, car boot sales and charity shops are full of old treasures, that’s why at Second.. read more →

16 Feb 2017
February 16,17

Used Office Furniture Benefits

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Used Office Furniture Benefits As always at the start of the year, the idea of office moves start to run through our minds and recruitment of new staff begins all of which involve buying more office furniture be it kit out that new office or in preparation for the growth of your team. But when it comes.. read more →

08 Jan 2017
January 8,17

Happy New Year

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Happy New Year 2017 Looks to be as busy as ever. We start the year with large quantities of quality used office furniture including over 500no. used meeting chairs, 400no. used 1400mm  desks, over 200 operator chairs and a large selection of used sofa’s and armchairs. If you’re  looking at new offices or just to.. read more →

21 Oct 2016
October 21,16

New Stock In

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New Stock In After a busy few months, we are going into autumn with even more high quality office furniture new stock in and to tempt you with our new stock in products we have listed below. Herman Miller Mirra chairs Herman Miller Aeron chairs (with posture fit) Walter Knoll Oscar lounge chairs Moroso Transform.. read more →

25 Aug 2015
August 25,15

Just In Steelcase Think Chairs

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Just In Steelcase Think Chairs Here at Second User Furniture, we have just taken delivery of over 150 Steelcase Think chairs, mainly black with a mesh back but also have a quantity of red ones. Click here for more details.     read more →

25 Aug 2015
August 25,15

White Office Bench Desks

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White Office Bench Desks Here are a few images of a recent install we did using our stock of secondhand bench desks, customer was over the moon with the quality and could not believe we had supplied used furniture. We still have plenty of stock! Call us now; 07944 508282 read more →

24 Aug 2015
August 24,15

New Stock Available

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New Stock Available We thought we would update you on our current new stock available. Here are just a few examples of the used office furniture we have in at the moment. Over 100 Herman Miller Mirra chairs 400 Knoll desks (1200, 1400, 1600 & 1800mm available) 100 Senator Enigma operator chairs in black fabric.. read more →

08 May 2015
May 8,15

Amazing Designer Chairs

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Amazing Designer Chairs We are really excited to offer you some significant savings on our high-quality, designer office seating, all top brands without the costly price-tag, take a look below at our current range of amazing designer chairs:  Arflex chairs in leather & fabric – RRP £1200.00, our price £395.00 Moroso Smock chairs – RRP.. read more →

12 Mar 2015
March 12,15

Amazing Senator Bench Desks

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Amazing Senator Bench Desks Just to let you know that we have significant quantities (over 600 positions!) of amazing senator bench desks (mainly 1400/1600 x 800mm) with under desk pedestals, storage, matching toolbar screens, CPU holders, as well as the usual supplementary goodies. Mock ups and samples can be arranged on request. Head on over.. read more →

Herman Miller Mirra Chairs 100no Available We have over one hundred of these fantastic fully adjustable Herman Miller Mirra Chairs coming into stock in January, along with over 900 positions of white bench desks. These products are available for immediate delivery nationwide. If you would like to obtain some further information about any of the.. read more →

18 Sep 2014
September 18,14

More Exciting Stock Available….

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More Exciting Stock Available We have been lucky enough to accumulate an exciting assortment of high-quality stock recently, including: 90 positions of maple bench desks (1200 x 800mm) Over 100  white bench desks (1600 x 800mm) Over 100 Haworth mesh back chairs 90 Steelcase Think chairs 60no Haworth tambour door cupboards (1980mm) 150 Steelcase Leap.. read more →

23 Jul 2014
July 23,14

Boardroom Table Bonanza

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Boardroom Table Bonanza After a very busy few months, we currently have a large selection of boardroom and meeting tables in stock. Various styles, finishes and sizes (ranging from 1800mm to 6400mm) are available and all can now be viewed at our London showroom, book your appointment today in our boardroom table bonanza sale. Please get in touch.. read more →

03 Jun 2014
June 3,14


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The Supercar Event One of our clients is an organiser for the Supercar Event (previously known as “Dads Day Out”).  The event is being held on 21st and 22nd June at Dunsfold Park in Surrey (the home of Top Gear) and is in aid of the Children’s Trust charity. It’s a fantastic day out for.. read more →

Fantastic Furniture Opportunity We have a Fantastic Furniture Opportunity available at the moment, we have been asked by a client to sell an exciting assortment of high-quality, designer products on their behalf. These items include: 220 Vitra “T” operator chairs with the iconic black and white backrest Vitra “Coconut” chairs in brown leather Moroso “Dinamic”.. read more →

12 Mar 2014
March 12,14

Budget Left to Spend?

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Budget Left to Spend The end of the financial year is fast approaching, so if you have any of your budget left to spend, we thought you might be interested to know that we have just taken stock of the following products that are listed below. 120 positions of Herman Miller Abak white bench desking.. read more →

Top Quality Furniture Available For Hire Help is at hand for those unforeseen, problematic delivery situations when you’re temporarily short of furniture and faced with panic-stricken clients! We currently have available top quality furniture available for hire, secondhand office furniture and supplementary products all ready for immediate delivery Nationwide. These Brands include: Ahrend, Herman Miller… read more →

10 Feb 2014
February 10,14

Interesting Items In Stock

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Interesting Items In Stock After a successful start to 2014 and having already completed several high-profile clearance projects (with more secured for this month), we now have plentiful supplies of top quality, “second-user” products in our warehouse showrooms. These include: Forza maple bench desks Orangebox Joy chairs Vitra Meda meeting chairs Boss Delphi chairs Vitra.. read more →

06 Dec 2013
December 6,13

Christmas Deadlines

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Christmas Deadlines Just a quick note…if you are looking to have furniture installed before Christmas and have missed the new furniture deadline, then don’t panic!  We have large quantities of great quality, secondhand office desks, chairs and storage – all available for immediate collection or delivery.  Please have a look at our full range of products under.. read more →

21 Nov 2013
November 21,13

Dealer Desks Available!

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Dealer Desks Available We currently have over 120 dealer desks available in stock, all top brands including DAS and SBFI.  These are available in various configurations, finishes and desktop sizes, so we should be able to fulfil most requirements. We would welcome any enquiries and please bear in mind that most of these desks are.. read more →

13 Nov 2013
November 13,13

November Offers!

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November Offers As a result of our imminent warehouse move, we are keen to negotiate some special clearance deals. If you are particularly interested in bench desks, dealer desks, meeting room furniture, Orangebox Joy chairs, etc., please get in touch and quote November Offers. Obviously, we are always interested in any potential projects, whatever your.. read more →

Not to be Missed Steelcase B Free Lounge We are lucky enough to have some great quality, with our not to be missed Steelcase B Free Lounge pieces in stock at the moment. So if you are looking to create a stylish, but relaxed, working environment, then look no further: Search “Steelcase-B-Free-Lounge-Seating” and prepare to.. read more →

More High Quality Furniture Now Available Our company have just cleared all the furniture from one of the most amazing offices we have worked on! All stunning furniture – some of which has hardly been used, so we now have more high quality furniture available for sale. Below are just a small selection of the.. read more →

Plenty of Second Hand Chairs In Stock All the Humanscale “Freedom” chairs have sold out…..luckily we have plenty of second hand chairs in stock  to choose from from various well known brand names. You can view our full range of second hand chairs that we currently have available in stock by clicking on the ‘Furniture.. read more →

Another Successful Furniture Installation! Another successful furniture installation has been made, we have recently completed the installation of 114 matching Ahrend desks, pedestals and storage units for “The Skills Show” at their prestigious NAO office in Victoria. The complete service involved the move of staff effects to a temporary storage area and the removal of.. read more →

Retro Design Classic The award-winning Hille Supporto Chair by Fred Scott is a design classic, why not bring that retro look to your home or office?! At Second User Furniture, we are lucky enough to have several of these fantastic used chairs, finished in classic black cloth, without arms and they really are a retro design.. read more →

Top Quality Bench Systems and Ancilliaries Following the major clearance of a major London Head Office, we have significant quantities of Ahrend 1400mm bench desks with matching pedestals, storage, as well as the usual supplementary goodies. Please have a look in the “new-in” section of our website for photos and more details. As always, everything.. read more →

28 Jun 2013
June 28,13

As Seen on TV

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As Seen On TV As seen on TV. Fans of “The Apprentice” may appreciate this…although I do admit it’s a bit sad of me being this excited about some of our stocks! The Ocado pitches on the episode shown on Wednesday 26th June were filmed using our second hand office furniture, which we supplied a.. read more →

28 Jun 2013
June 28,13

Office Clearance Project

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Office Clearance Projcect Another successful office clearance project completed this week for a major London property agent. Ahrend desking and furniture from 500 employees cleared on time and within budget…a very happy client with an empty building. These desks, pedestals and chairs are less than three years old, in great condition and ideal for any.. read more →

24 Jun 2013
June 24,13

Another Happy Client

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Another Happy Client Nothing better than getting an email from a second-user client saying “Thank you so much for this – you’ve obviously gone above and beyond on this one”. This is after having sorted out a second hand furniture delivery with the client’s own logistics company, when they failed on the first attempt. Life.. read more →

20 Jun 2013
June 20,13

Humanscale Freedom Chairs

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Humanscale Freedom Chairs We’ve recently acquired a large quantity of used Humanscale Freedom Chairs, so if you’re looking for a high quality second-hand task chair, then look no further! Winner of 10 design awards to date, the “Freedom Chair”, with its weight-sensitive recline and synchronously adjustable armrests, sets new standards for task chair performance. For.. read more →