Contemporary Home Office Furniture A number of companies around the United Kingdom have now taken the approach of having their staff work from home due to the Covid 19 virus that has been crippling the worlds economy since the beginning of this pandemic in March and contemporary home office furniture sales have risen dramatically. Unfortunately,.. read more →

Equipping Staff to Work from Home Workplaces are changing. Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, said that employers have a responsibility to ensure that work environments are ‘Covid-Secure’. This means that it cannot be business as usual for most employees as social distancing becomes the new normal. The reality is that it is unlikely that all employees.. read more →

Second Hand Office Chairs For Your Home The impact of the Coronavirus outbreak is hitting UK businesses hard. To reduce the number of Covid-19 cases, many employees are being advised to work from home. Whether social distancing, self-isolating or facing the prospect of home educating children, this is a new experience for many. To contain.. read more →

Second Hand Office Furniture Homeworking Packages A few weeks ago, potholes, traffic jams, packed trains and delayed services were having the usual impact on our commute. Now the roads are quiet as the Coronavirus outbreak has forced thousands of businesses to encourage staff to work from home. We may have experienced scares about infectious diseases.. read more →

Sustainable and Affordable Office Furniture It has never been more important to source sustainably and to promote reuse and recycling. Business owners also need to find cost-effective solutions in order to remain competitive. When it comes to office interiors, there is a way to tick all of the boxes. Your company can help to boost.. read more →