Waste Management

Waste management is a growing priority for every business. Your company may be looking at ways to minimise waste or considering how you might achieve zero waste to landfill policies.

It may not be the first point to spring to mind, but used office furniture should be part of the waste management plan.

According to the Waste Resource Action Programme (WRAP) data, just 14% of the potential volume of used office furniture is donated or sold on. Rather than recycle chairs, desks and storage, many companies are simply disposing of them. This means they end up in landfill.

Giving Used Office Furniture a New Lease of Life

Even at a relatively low 14%, the recycling of second-hand office has helped to prevent thousands of tonnes of CO2 entering the atmosphere. At 2nd User Furniture, we are working to increase that percentage.

Our sister company Clear Environment can be called on to undertake sustainable office clearance. Classified as an ‘Upper Tier Waste Broker Dealer’, Clear Environment is registered with the Environment Agency. The service is legally compliant and fully traceable.

This used office furniture collection service can save you the costs associated with the disposal of your surplus office chairs and desks. If your used office furniture is in suitable condition to clean up, repair or remodel, we will do so. Items in great condition will be sold in the 2nd User Furniture Showroom.

Refitting your Workplace with Used Office Desks and Chairs

You might be surprised to hear that over 200,000 used office desks are bought in the UK every year, along with thousands of second-hand office chairs. The options include leading brands and items that have barely been touched. There is no doubt that buying second-hand results in considerable cost savings for the business and there is no need to compromise on quality.

If your company is looking to embrace sustainable practices and purchase used office desks, High Wycombe based 2nd User Furniture invites you to visit our showroom. Before you head to Buckinghamshire, you can take a look at our latest stock of used office furniture online.

Come along and try out an extensive selection of used office desks including:

  • Workstations
  • Bench systems
  • Rectangular or Wave desks
  • Canteen tables

Make yourself comfortable in our choice of second-hand chairs including:

  • Ergonomic task chairs
  • Acoustic seating
  • Reception sofas
  • Meeting room chairs
  • Canteen stools

With free parking outside the door, it’s convenient to pop in, find what you need and load your van.

What if you are Looking for a Particular item of Office Furniture?

We know that you might need a set number of chairs, be seeking out a colour to match your branding or be looking for a desk of specific dimensions to fit your office interior.

If you have such requirements, give us a call to find out about availability on 07944 508282. Remember, 2nd User Furniture can save you money on the removal of used office furniture, as well as ensuring that you can complete a quality refit with considerable savings on new.

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