Second Hand Office Desks

Why go for second hand office desks? Well if you have a business in London and you would like to purchase new furniture in an attempt to upgrade your workspace, buying second-hand furniture could be the best way to go.

Here are some reasons why you should consider buying used office desks in particular…

You get quality without breaking your budget

When you are trying to purchase a new desk, the amount of money you are willing to spend can often be a big factor. And let’s face it, a quality desk can be pricey. This is different when it comes to second-hand furniture, which tends to be a fraction of the cost of brand new pieces. That means you can get higher quality with a smaller budget.

Another benefit of buying second hand is that you have access to a wider range of desk styles because you’re not limited to a particular shop’s brands. In fact, you never know what you might find when buying used office furniture in London.

And the fact that they are used furniture doesn’t mean they are shoddy or even old. Used desks are often in the market because someone opted to move or buy a new one and just doesn’t need the piece anymore. Because of this, you can end up with a practically new, high-quality desk for much less than the retail price.

You’re looking out for Mother Nature

Furniture manufacturing can be extremely wasteful. The thing is, it takes a lot of resources to create new pieces of furniture — wood, textiles, plastic, etc. And it’s a bit ridiculous to let all of that go to waste when someone is done with a piece of furniture that still has life left in it.

When you buy a desk second hand, you reduce the need for new resources to create another new product. (And quite often you reduce the amount of packaging required, as well.)

You’re still supporting the local economy

Sure, there are plenty of local businesses selling new furniture (though much of it is manufactured abroad), and there are probably even a few furniture makers and wood workers in your area, selling handmade pieces. And it’s wonderful to support those local businesses.

But buying used office furniture also supports your local economy. The original owners of the furniture make money by selling a piece they can’t use anymore, and the money they make off it goes back into the economy. The same goes for the owners of your local used furniture shop. They may not be making new pieces, but they are still a valuable part of your community and add to its prosperity.

Second hand desks can be healthier

You may have noticed that when you buy new furniture, it has a funny smell. That’s because all the pieces and finishes that are added to it are created with synthetic materials that off-gas, releasing unhealthy fumes into the air in your workspace.

If you buy a second hand desk made with these materials, they have had time to off-gas and release most of those fumes. Or you can buy pieces that aren’t made with such products, such as solid wood desks, which would be more expensive to get new.

The point is, your office space needs desks, whether they are workspace desks, reception desks, or executive desks. And with used desks, you get affordable quality that is better for you, better for the environment, and good for your local economy.

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