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The impact of the Coronavirus outbreUsed Herman Miller Ebody Chairak is hitting UK businesses hard. To reduce the number of Covid-19 cases, many employees are being advised to work from home. Whether social distancing, self-isolating or facing the prospect of home educating children, this is a new experience for many.

To contain the virus and not overwhelm the health care system, we may need to stay at home for months. The usual stresses of the commute will be replaced by the challenge of simultaneously juggling home and working life. To make home-based work possible, you need a suitable workspace.

Unless you are one of the 1.5million people who regularly work from home, at least part-time, you may not have an office desk and chair at home. Before you make a purchase, below is our advice on selecting a second-hand office chair.

REMEMBER: We spend as much time at our desks as in our beds. It is, therefore, essential to sit in a comfortable and supported position. Buying second-hand office chairs is a great option for cutting costs and environmental impact, but what do you need to prevent back pain, should tension and other health issues?

Buy Used Office Chairs from Leading Brands

Buying used office chairs means you are making a considerable saving compared with buying new. This means you can afford to purchase quality items rather than the cheapest model. Our advice is to select a leading brand, as this is where you will benefit from long term value.

A list of leading ergonomic office chairs includes Vitra, HÅG, with the iconic Herman Miller Aeron taking the top position. These brands have been designed to work with the body. They enable natural movement, promote circulation as you sit and provide lumbar support.

Selecting any of these brands gives you confidence that you have invested in top-quality used office chairs which are built to last.
If you are looking at a lower price bracket than a branded office chair, find an ergonomic design with adjustable settings and operational castors as a priority.

Here at Second User Furniture we have a large selection of Used Operator Office Chairs currently available in stock, just click on the link in this paragraph to view these products.

Check the Condition and Functionality of Second Hand Chairs

Come to the Second User Furniture showroom and you can choose from thousands of second-hand office chairs in excellent condition. Our team source quality items when businesses relocate, upgrade or have surplus items. We undertake thorough cleaning and checks to ensure our stock is in ‘as new’ condition.

Whether you purchase a second-hand office chair from us, or elsewhere, take time to check. Look for signs of wear and also try out all the features to see if they are in full working order. The castors should not stick, the back should recline and adjustable features should move the chair to a position that you find comfortable.

We all have different body shapes and sizes, so the best way to find the ideal chair for you is to try them out for size. The position of the lumbar support, the height of the back and the depth of the seat will help you to determine your preference.

REMEMBER: Ergonomic office chairs have been designed to work with the body. They protect the spine, adjust to fit and are styled to relieve common pressure points. Check that the office chair can swivel, roll, adjust in height and tilt with ease.
Should you Select Chairs with Mesh or Foam Seats?

A foam seat base may look far more comfortable than mesh, but give them both a try. Mesh seats are found on many of the branded office chairs because they allow for improved circulation and ventilation around the body. Unlike foam, which will compact over time, the comfort of a mesh seat will remain for many years. Many people still opt for foam; it is down to personal preference.

Second Hand Office Furniture Showroom Near Me

If you are looking used office furniture to make it possible to work from home, take a look at the used office chairs and desks currently in stock at Second User Furniture. You can call us on 07944 508282 for advice or to reserve specific items.

Our used office furniture Buckinghamshire showroom is located in High Wycombe, just short drive from Reading, Slough and West London. If you need to stay home, we may also be able to deliver your chosen used office desk and chair to your door.

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