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Iconic Designer Chairs

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Iconic Designer Chairs

When you are looking to equip your workspace with second-hand office chairs, you may be keen to find an iconic brand. Bagging a set of second-hand Herman Miller office chairs would certainly mean that you were getting quality furniture at a great price.

Herman Miller Aeron Chairs

These stylish chairs look ultra-modern, but they were designed by Don Chadwick and Bill Stumpf in 1992. They were recognised as an item of iconic design in 2010, as the entered the permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art.

It is over a quarter of a Century since Herman Miller designers combined technology with ergonomics yet the Aeron chairs are still a top seller.


The Universale was the first chair to be entirely moulded from plastic. It is a design that has influenced many of the second-hand stackable chairs that we get in stock.

The Universale was developed, by Joe Colombo, to be manufactured in an injection moulding machine, which meant it could be mass produced. It is functional, stackable and has an opening at the back for easy handling.

Tulip Chair

Eero Saarinen aimed to replace the heavy legs used in traditional chairs, with a simple and elegant form. Having experimented with many possibilities, the Tulip Chair was created.

On this iconic chair, four legs are replaced by a single elegant pedestal, much like a champagne flute. The Tulip Chair is now marketed by Knoll Studio.

Tubular Steel Chair

When Marcel Breuer realised that steel tubes could be bent and shaped, he set to work designing furniture using tubular steel. His love of the material was clear and rather than cover it up, it became part of the design.

He wanted people to understand the material and how the chairs were constructed. We often have second-hand office chairs which have been created using the same materials and processes.

Easy Edge Wiggle Chair

The Easy Edge Wiggle Chair was an experiment in structural support by the renowned architect Frank Gehry. This chair was formed from laminated cardboard, but its 60 layers have been carefully assembled, to ensure the chair was robust and stable.

We have yet to stock cardboard furniture in our collection of second-hand office chairs, but there is always a first time!

Number 7 Chair

That controversial photo of Christine Keeler was photographed on a Number 7 chair. That image certainly helped to publicise this designer chair and its design has often been emulated.

Number 7 and Arne Jacobson’s Egg Chair are still in production; manufactured by Fritz Hansen.

Barcelona Chair

The Barcelona Chair was created for royalty at the 1929 World Fair Exposition in Seville, by Ludwig Meis Van Der Rohe. It has an industrial appearance, yet it required hand-crafting in its construction.

The Barcelona chair has influenced many other styles and the patent was given to the Knoll studio, where it is still manufactured today.

Perfect Chairs for Modern Workspaces

In a world where fashion and taste are constantly evolving, the longstanding appeal of these iconic chairs is a testament to their design. With a focus on materials and simplicity of form, they still fit perfectly into modern workplace interiors.

At the 2nd User Furniture showroom, we always have second-hand Herman Miller office chairs in stock. You may also find other designer chairs, along with modern interpretations of these iconic styles.

Visit us in Buckinghamshire, or take a look at our website for the latest stock.

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