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Considerable effort is often put into the planning of a home interior. All those test pots to get right colour combinations, along with stylish furniture and the finishing touches are brought together to create a pleasant and welcoming environment. The same level of attention is often lacking when planning a workspace.

There is plenty of evidence to show that good levels of natural light and ventilation, along with plants and organic colours can enhance our mood and health.

Add in ergonomic chairs, easy access to fresh water and fruit and it is possible to improve the health and well-being of your team. A healthy workforce is likely to be more motivated, productive and loyal.

As such, consideration of the office environment can play such a significant part in the success of your business.

Cost Savings with Pre-owned Office Furniture

The first thought that springs to mind is that office interior design is likely to cost a fortune. It sounds great to provide each member of the team with an ergonomic task chair but that is going to eat into the profits.

The solution might come in the form of high-quality second-hand office furniture. As suppliers of used office furniture, we take time to select, clean and thoroughly check all items in our stock to ensure they are fully functional and in top condition.

Some items are still within guarantee and with an eye for leading brands, we even stock pre-owned designer office chairs. We have multiples of many items, allowing you to fill the workspace with the same brand and style.

Combining Function and Aesthetics in Office Interiors

Good design will put practical needs first. Your team need to be able to undertake their jobs efficiently. Open plan offices are popular at the moment. If this works for your interior, you might want to consider installing screens and acoustic pods in order to offer some level of privacy.

You can buy these items of second-hand office furniture from us too, along with lockers, storage shelves and second-hand break-out room seating.

Whilst an office space needs to be functional, it can also be aesthetically pleasing. The reception area can be brought to life with a statement piece such as a bold coloured sofa and a coordinating piece of artwork on the walls.

An injection colour will bring vibrancy and energy into your workplace. Take a look at our pre-owned reception seating for inspiration.

A meeting room can become an interactive creative space or a professional board room, simply by the selection of table and chairs. No matter what style you are looking for, we are certain that we will stock furniture that fits the bill.

Stockists of Used Office Furniture

We typically spend 7 to 10 hours a day in the workplace, often more waking hours than we spend in our homes. A bit of attention to the styling and layout of your office can make all the difference to how people feel and operate at work.

Used office furniture can make it affordable to improve the work environment, whilst also having a beneficial impact on the natural environment.

You can visit our Buckinghamshire used office furniture showroom on any weekday or call 2nd User Furniture on 07944 508282 if you have any questions.

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