October Used Office Furniture Trends

The used office furniture trends market never stands still. Companies are continually looking for incredible deals on new products and sniffing them out, wherever they can, online. The month of October is no different.

2nd User Furniture regularly releases a list of featured products and has done so again this month, offering business customers fabulous deals. Used office furniture is one of the best ways of cutting down on costs while at the same time, not compromising on quality.

You benefit from the cut-price unwanted furniture of other companies and avoid having to pay full price, which makes keeping up to date with the latest used office furniture trends an absolute must!

It’s worth pointing out that the trends in the market can change from day to day and week to week. Second-hand office desks, furniture and other items continually change as some companies decide that they don’t want a particular piece of furniture, opening up a raft of opportunities for those that do.

So what are the trends in the used office furniture market for October? Let’s take a look at some of the featured products at 2nd User Furniture.

Dark Walnut Used Office Furniture

Businesses need boardroom tables to conduct high-level meetings. While it might not seem like an essential at the outset, once your company reaches a specific size, it becomes a necessity.

Firms use boardroom tables for all kinds of things, including shareholder meetings, executive meetings, and meetings with clients.

Boardroom tables need to be impressive. If they’re not, then they can fall short of the mark and leave various stakeholders feeling as if they can’t take the company seriously.

Dark walnut boardroom tables available through 2nd User Furniture help to impress clients, executives and anyone else. Their sleek design complements practically any setting, with the hardwood finish emphasising quality and durability.

Walnut tables make great second-hand products. The fact that they’re made of hardwood means that they automatically have extreme durability, meaning that you can pass them from user to user without substantial loss in quality.

The dark walnut boardroom tables available this October are also extensive, able to accommodate up to sixteen people at a time comfortably.

This fact alone makes them suitable for a wide variety of companies. The walnut tables in stock at 2nd User Furniture right now measure 4 metres by 1.25 metres.

Convenient Second Hand Office Desks And Meeting Tables Made Of Maple

Sometimes companies don’t need large boardroom tables to conduct high-level meetings involving many people. Sometimes a smaller, more straightforward table will do.

This October, 2nd User Furniture is offering Luke Hughes Maple meeting tables. The tables themselves are ideal for small group meetings, particularly in dynamic offices where people are coming in and out all the time.

The inner polished steel table leg forms a central column, making it easy for people to wheel up office chairs at any angle and start a conversation. The table has a maple veneer polish and comes with a reverse chamfered edge, making it ideal for practically any office setup.

The affordable price helps too. Thus, the trend this October is for easily customisable furniture that can cater to practically any office setup.

Second Hand Office Triangular Meeting Tables

In some offices, there’s a need for second-hand triangular meeting tables. These tables aren’t perfect triangles, but instead kind of rhomboid-shaped, with one side being much longer than the other.

As companies host more teleconferences and presentations, there’s a need for tables that let them both discuss the issues of the day in regular meeting format while at the same time, quickly turn and view a screen.

Here’s where triangular meeting tables from Luke Hughes can help. They arrange people in such a way that seeing a screen feels natural. There’s no need for some people to lean back or move their chairs, so long as you seat everyone in the correct position.

This October 2nd User Furniture has Luke Hughes triangular maple meeting tables available for sale second hand. The tables come with a maple veneer and two access flaps for cabling, just in case companies want to place computers or teleconferencing equipment on the tabletop. There are also additional holes for microphones and audio systems.

Triangular tables have become increasingly popular over the last few months as office-based businesses look for more ergonomic setups to make work easier.

Triangular tables from Luke Hughes are actually considerably smaller than their regular boardroom tables, meaning that companies are able to fit them in a wider variety of spaces. You don’t need a full-sized boardroom to create a suitable meeting area for videos and presentations.

Second Hand Office Triangular Boardroom Tables

There are often times when companies need much larger triangular tables, such as when they need to entertain bigger groups of people. This October, we see a range of sizeable triangular boardroom tables hit the second-hand market and provide additional utility to companies.

2nd User Furniture, for instance, has the Luke Hughes triangular maple boardroom table. As with the triangular meeting tables above, this piece of furniture attempts to organise people into a configuration that enables them to easily view a screen (or a speaker) without having to do anything other than swivel their second-hand chairs.

Triangular tables have become a trend in October because of the efficiency benefits that they bring. Companies can far more easily accommodate meetings and swap people in and out than with regular tables.

The Luke Hughs triangular maple boardroom table is an impressive object in itself, measuring more than 3.3 metres by 2.5 metres, offering ample space to even large meetings. The table is peppered with holes for microphones and cabling and comes with three access flaps for additional wires.

The table, like the others in the Luke Hughes range, is maple veneer, providing a professional, yet reserved appearance. The narrow end of the table is supported by a single leg, while the wide end has an extended support that runs from one side to the other making swivel chair access easy.

Thus, this October, we’ve seen some interesting trends in the second-hand office furniture market. There’s been a move towards tables that last and also those that provide ergonomic benefits.

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