Discount Office Furniture

Welcome to Second User Furniture’s Pricing Guide page. The following are examples of generic products and obviously there are variances.

For budget purposes, we would advise the following:-

Budget / Indicative Costs

  • Desk £85-£140
  • Screen £15-60
  • Desk electrics £10-30
  • Monitor arm £30-80
  • Ops chair, standard £60-160
  • Ops chair,exec£250-£600
  • Meeting room chair £35-£90
  • Meet room table, small £60-£140
  • Meet room table, large £600-£1600
  • Storage units, low £60-£120
  • Storage units tall £120-£180
  • Soft seat, /person £80-£600
  • Café set up/person £60-£100
  • Reception desks £300-£800
  • Booths & pods From £500

Delivery and installation is costed individually and is very much dependent on many factors, but allow approximately 10% of order value for delivery and 15 – 20% Delivery & install. Bulk purchases will attract further discounts, but please note, all prices shown exclude VAT.


We also have quantities of various office essentials:-

  • Coat stands
  • Good quallity office bins
  • Whiteboards/noticeboards


Clear Environment has been trading for over nine years in the second hand office furniture market.

We have an excellent reputation and are able to provide references and testimonials from many, very satisfied clients.

We utilise professional installation personnel and try to exceed expectations, by ensuring all projects are carefully managed and organised.

Our products are extremely cost effective, environmentally beneficial and in many cases, as good as’ new’ and at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a brand new product.


We operate from our main showroom in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire where we have most of the items available for you to view and try out before you commit to buy.

We are open Monday to Friday 9 – 5pm, we would very much welcome the opportunity to work with you on any upcoming projects and hope to hear from you further.


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