Canteen Style Chairs

Canteen Style Chairs

Used Canteen ChairWelcome to Second User Furniture, we have a selection of Canteen Style Chairs for sale and you can view these products by clicking on any of the images shown at the top of this page. You will notice that eight are available in light walnut and four available in dark walnut.

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If you were looking for a product with a particular colour or brand name, we do have an extensive range of Cafe Breakout Seating available in stock and you can view all of these products by clicking on the link that has been provided in this paragraph.

Used Canteen Style Chairs Features

  • Used  Canteen Style Chairs.
  • 8 Light Walnut & 4 Dark Walnut Available

Ref: CE3684


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High Wycombe

2 (8 light & 4 dark)

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