Connection Cubbi Quad Booth

Connection Cubbi Quad Booth

Used Conneciton Cubbi Quad Booth This Connection Cubbi Quad Booth has just come into our stock. It is designed to wrap around those who need focused periods of concentration or a day of solo work. It is free-standing, sound absorbing, offers visual privacy and reduced noise levels – the perfect escape from a busy environment. Perfect for 4 people, it has an integrated white table with 2 cable ports, as well as incorporated electrics in the side panel (2 power points, 1 USB and 1 data). Each booth measures 750 x 600 mm.

We have 1 in stock.

Overall dimensions: 3200 x 1700 x 1440 mm

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Used Connection Cubbi Quad Booth – features:

  • Overall dimensions: 3200 x 1700 x 1440 mm
  • Dimensions of each booth: 750 x 600 mm
  • 2 tone mauve upholstery
  •  Integrated white table with 2 cable ports
  • 2 power points, 1 USB and 1 data also incorporated in side panels

Ref: CE20973


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