Viccarbe Season Chairs

Viccarbe Season Chairs

Used Viccarbe Season Chairs

Discover the Viccarbe Season Chair: Where Design Meets Mobility

Elevate Your Space with Versatile Design

Unveil the art of modern seating with our Used Viccarbe Season Chairs, where each piece is a masterful blend of geometric elegance and functional design. Crafted for comfort, these chairs boast a unique feature—concealed wheels for effortless mobility. Their versatility makes them a perfect fit for diverse settings, from dynamic office environments to the welcoming ambience of hotels and restaurants.

Durable Elegance

Each chair is adorned with a resilient strip of technical fabric at the front, engineered to withstand daily contact with the user’s feet, ensuring long-lasting elegance.

Colorful Selection

Available in vibrant dark orange and rich deep purple, these chairs add a splash of colour and sophistication to any room. With five in stock—three in dark orange and two in deep purple—they’re ready to complement your space.

Connect with Our Team

For more details, our dedicated sales team is at your service from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm. Call us on 07944 508282 or tap the Telephone Icon on our website via your mobile device for instant connection.

Explore More Options

Looking for something different? Explore our extensive collection of second-hand meeting chairs. Click the provided link or use our ‘Request a Quote Online Form’ for personalized options.

See Before You Commit

Experience the comfort and style of the Viccarbe Season Chairs firsthand in our showroom. Contact our sales team to schedule a visit and explore our wide array of used office furniture.

Nationwide Delivery

Choose your preferred chair and enjoy immediate nationwide delivery.

Viccarbe Season Chair Features:

  • Available in dark orange and deep purple
  • Geometrically inspired design
  • Concealed wheels for easy movement
  • Technical fabric strip for enhanced durability

Ref: CE20422


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High Wycombe

3 (2 in dark orange & 2 in deep purple)

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