Yo-Yo Desk 120 Standing Desk Converters

Yo-Yo Desk 120 Standing Desk Converters

Used Yo-Yo Desk 120 Standing Desk ConverterFeatured on BBC TV, the Yo-Yo Desk 120 Standing Desk Converters sit on top of your desk and have been demonstrated to improve workplace health as they quickly and effortlessly transition between sitting & standing positions. They incorporate Yo-Yo’s unique Smooth-ActionTM gas spring for smoother up/down movement to 15 adjustable heights.

We have 6 in stock,as well as 11 smaller Yo-You Desk 90s.

The Yo-Yo DESK® 90 is 1190mm wide and fits perfectly with workstations using double monitors or when placed on a larger sized desk.

If you would like further information about these converters, our sales team can be contacted by calling 07944 508282.

If you are viewing our website on a mobile device, you can click on the telephone icon located at the bottom of this page. Or, simply enter your details into our ‘request a quote online’ form below and one of our sales team will be in touch very soon.

However, if they are not exactly what you are looking for, we have many other similar items available among our miscellaneous items.

Used Yo-Yo Desk 120 Standing Desk Converters – features:

  • Converts any desk to a standing desk
  • Dimensions: 1190 x 590 x 150-500 mm

  • 15 adjustable heights using smooth gas spring
  • Stronger frame with deep table-top. 1190 mm wide / 780 mm deep

Ref: CE15634


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