Operator Chairs

Operator Chairs

Second hand operator chairs are ideal if you’re looking for a chair to go with your computer desk. All our chairs have wheels attached providing you with increased mobility.

Whether you require a large chair that’s significant or a standard chair, Second User Furniture are confident you’ll find something suitable.

All our chairs are designed to provide you with comfort, hence why they’re cushioned. Some of the chairs are leather, providing you with a more luxurious finish to your office or workplace!

A used, second hand operator chair that has been owned previously offers the same value as a brand new one, it’s just more affordable!

The styles of our second hand office chairs vary in size, colour and shape!

Choose from an array of colour options, such as red, blue, green, black, white, grey, purple and brown.

A great advantage of our operator chairs is that you can adjust the height which allows you to sit more comfortably without straining.

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