Reception Desks

Second Hand Reception Desks

Our second hand reception desks are available in an assortment of difference sizes and shapes, offering a seamless fit in your reception area.

It’s likely that your reception desk will be your customers first point of contact, therefore it needs to be visible and welcoming.

A used reception desk doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s old or outdated, we buy them from customers when they no longer want or need them and ensure each product is refurbished to the highest standard before listing them on our website.

Our reception desks are available in walnut and light oak, providing you with a clean finish that’s stylish and smart.

You can view our current products by viewing our image gallery below and if you see a product that you would like to purchase, or find out more information about, you can contact one of our sales team by calling 07944 508282.

Alternatively, if you are viewing our website using a mobile device, you can click on the Telephone Icon located at the bottom of the page.

If you were unable to find the product you were looking for, we do have an extensive range of Second Hand Desks currently available in stock at the moment and you can view all of these products by clicking on the link that has been provided in this paragraph.

Reception Desk
Reception Desk
1 Available. Dimensions 2400 x 1600mm