Is Second-hand Office Furniture a Feature of Interior Design Trends?

NEW Herman Miller Setu chairsIn recent years, office interiors have felt the influence of Scandi design. Stylish minimalism has coupled with natural materials, house plants and ergonomic office chairs. The aim has been to create calm work environments which promote employee well-being and productivity.

As we start the New Year, a new design style is developing many of the Scandi Principles. Known as Japandi, there is still a respect for simplified forms, muted colours and a connection with nature. This continues the design principles that we’ve embraced, but with an oriental twist.

Japandi might be a new word to add to our vocabulary, but what has it got to do with second-hand office furniture?

One event will get us all looking East this year, the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Back in 2012, London prepared ‘the greenest games’ to date, but Japan has 18 new sustainability objectives to achieve. This event promises to be a showcase for athletic prowess and the principles of reduce, reuse and recycle.

We expect that the global focus on this sustainable Games to impact on design thinking. Why splash out on new office desks and chairs when there is the option to buy used office furniture? If you opt for quality second-hand desks and chairs, there is scope to save money, as well as reducing the environmental impact.

The Olympic Legacy and Sustainable Design

When looking at supply chains and resources management, the Olympic committee has opted against buying new. To give a few examples, the medals will be made from recycled electronic devices and the podiums from processed plastic waste. This is certainly a fresh approach to event management and may initially sound less desirable than buying new.

It is true that we all need to change our perception of pre-owned or used goods. They need not be a compromise. Tokyo could inspire us all to become open to sustainable solutions.

Where Can I Source Good Quality Used Office Furniture?

If your company are keen to boost your green credentials, we can help. Second User Furniture offers a comprehensive service. Tell us what you need in terms of operator chairs, workstations, break-out room facilities, storage and reception furniture. Let us know your preferred brands and colour choices. We will endeavour to source, deliver and install every item of used office furniture that your team needs.

To get an idea of our stock, take a look at our current selection of second-hand desks and chairs on the Second User Furniture website. You will discover used office desks and chairs from leading brands. Most items of pre-owned office furniture are sourced and sold in multiple units, so your interior design can be fully coordinated.

If you spot exactly what you are looking for, give us a call on 07944 508282, we are happy to answer your questions. Our team deliver to London offices, our nearest neighbours in Buckinghamshire and nationwide.

Visit our Recycled Office Showroom near London

Should you prefer to try before you buy, our recycled office furniture showroom is located in Buckinghamshire; a short drive from West London. There is free parking outside the door and you can check out the quality of our branded second-hand office furniture in person.

Second User Furniture has equipped local start-ups and established businesses. Based in High Wycombe, second-hand office furniture is our business. We are specialists in full office clearances, as well as supplying used reception desks, pre-owned acoustic pods, dividing screens, canteen chairs and storage facilities.

Buying used office furniture means that you can justify those Herman Miller Chairs or Knoll Bench Desk. Whether driven by the latest interior design trends, a commitment to sustainability, or a need to be cost-effective, used office furniture can tick all of the boxes.

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