Do Sit-stand Desks Benefit your Workforce?

We know that a sedentary lifestyle is no good for our health. Our bodies are designed to move and we need to be active in order to keep fit and healthy, but standing is hardly a demanding fitness routine.

Modern office interiors are full of stylish and ergonomic furniture. Sit-stand desks are a relatively new addition to the office furniture collection, but are the benefits worth the budget?

Surprisingly, simply standing whilst we work can be beneficial to our health. It is not going to promote weight loss, however, studies carried out by Deakin University in Australia showed health benefits.

This included reducing the risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes and Heart Disease. What’s more, standing boosted productivity.

This evidence has been backed up by a year-long study of 146 NHS staff. This was carried out by Leeds University and has been published in the British Medical Journal.

The participants working at Sit-stand desks reported fewer neck & shoulder issues and were better engaged in their work.

On the other side of the debate, there is evidence that standing for prolonged periods of time can cause discomfort.

Standing isn’t moving, so musculoskeletal issues can occur including backache or tired legs. A separate study suggests that this discomfort results in reduced mental state, slower reaction times and less ability to solve problems.

The Option to Sit or Stand

In summary, sitting or standing for long periods can cause us problems. The advantage of Sit-stand desks is the option to change the position. In the NHS Study, the participants had the choice.

By the end of the year, the average person was standing for an hour and a half longer than their seated colleagues. This was sufficient to reduce the health risks, without compromise.

The average office worker is seated for up to 85% of their working day. If Sit-stand desks can get them up on their feet for part of that time, it will help their health and productivity. What is more, once standing, workers are more likely to move around.

Affordable Sit Stand Desks

Now, the other issue is cost. An electrically-adjustable Sit Stand desk is not what you would call cheap office furniture. The solution is to buy second-hand desks which look as good as new.

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If you really want to look the part, 2nd User Furniture has a great package for you to consider. A modern Sit-stand desk, coupled with a sought-after Herman Miller Aeron Chair for just £500 +VAT.

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