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Whether at home or in the workplace, the average person in the UK spends 9.5 hours a day sitting down. Although we are encouraged to get up and move around regularly, spending considerable time in a chair certainly highlights the importance of design.

The Chair Exhibition

The humble chair was the subject of a New York exhibition in May of this year. The Future Perfect Gallery invited 48 designers to create a piece for The Chair exhibition.

There were no boundaries in the materials or styling that could be applied. As a simple, familiar concept, the chair is a great piece of furniture to encourage creative expression.

Designers rose to the challenge and created chairs from all range of materials. Floris Wubben opted for ceramics, Chris Wolslon worked in African wicker, whilst Kelly Wearstler formed her chair from burnished brass and jade. The exhibition was a wonderful celebration of the chair, but some looked far more inviting than others.

Artistic creation is great for galleries, however, when we select chairs as part of our home or office furniture, style and colour have to be secondary requirements. As we spend so much time seated, it is important that we avoid backache, muscle tension and poor circulation. Ergonomic comfort has to be the top priority.

Ergonomic Task Chairs and Employee Productivity

When you sit in a well-designed, ergonomic chair, it helps to promote good body posture and circulation. Evidence has shown that comfortable task chairs keep employees productive for longer and reduce staff absenteeism.

In a sedentary survey by office equipment specialist Fellows, 81% of respondents reported being seated at work for up to 9 hours a day. Surprisingly, 45% also stated that their employer did not provide suitable seating and equipment.

Many felt that this clearly indicated that their company did not care enough about their mental and physical health.

No Compromise with Second-hand Ergonomic Task Chairs

If you are an employer who does care about employee well-being and business productivity, 2nd User Furniture has some fantastic news. We have an extensive stock of top quality, second-hand office chairs in stock. Recovered from workplaces when furniture is excess to requirements, we offer nearly-new task chairs from leading brands including Herman Miller and Vitra.

An important feature of ergonomic chairs is adjustability. From the height of the seat and armrests, to the position of the backrest, our team undertake comprehensive checks on all second-hand office chairs to ensure that they are in full working order.

Some have barely been used and others are still in guarantee, so they look as good as new, but with a greatly reduced price tag. 2nd User Furniture has supplied matching and coordinating pre-owned office furniture to modern urban workplaces in London and Manchester.

These employers care about their team, are looking for stylish office furniture and are keen to reduce their environmental impact. By opting for second-hand office chairs, they are helping to prevent perfectly good office furniture from ending up in landfill. That’s another box ticked!

If you would like to find out more about our current stock of second-hand office chairs, please take a look online, or visit our used office furniture showroom in Buckinghamshire.

Our experienced team can assist with office space planning, national furniture delivery and installation and the removal of old furniture. For further information, call Richard on 07534 973423.

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