Sustainable Office Furniture

Businesses are under increasing pressure to reduce their environmental impact and increase employee well-being, without compromising on quality or efficiency.

Every aspect of the modern workplace is under scrutiny as companies work to reduce business waste, embrace recycling and keep both customers and employees happy.

Leading Designer Creates Sustainable Office Furniture Range

Environmentally sustainable office furniture was a feature of the 2019 100% Design show in London. One of the stylish examples of a sustainable office furniture range was the Sage Collection from Benchmark.

The company, which was set up by Terrance Conran and Sean Sutcliff, commissioned leading special designer, David Rockwell, to create an innovative and sustainable office furniture range.

From Sit Stand desks and acoustic panels, bench desks to office sofas and storage, the result is a collection of desirable, adaptable and free-standing business furniture. Every item has been crafted from natural, non-toxic materials. They follow the guidelines in the Declare Initiative.

This was set up by the International Living Furniture Institute to evidence where materials and parts are sourced, the life expectancy and recyclability of home and business furniture.

It is possible to purchase this sustainable office furniture range from the Benchmark, but with big designer names behind the project, it is unlikely to be within most business budgets. If you are looking for a far more affordable option, used business furniture could be the answer.

Could Office Furniture Reuse be the Key to Sustainability?

2nd User Furniture has an expansive Buckinghamshire showroom, which is filled with pre-owned office furniture. Surplus to requirements, the team have sourced top-quality, second-hand office desks, chairs, seating and storage.

Opting for used office furniture does not mean that you need to compromise on style or quality.

Our range includes leading brands, fully adjustable Sit Stand desks, acoustic seating, ergonomic office chairs and a wide range of colours and materials to suit contemporary workplace interior design.

As a sustainable office furniture company, we are selective about the pieces we select and every item is thoroughly checked and cleaned before heading for our showroom.

Where possible, we will provide multiples of the same make and model to ensure that even larger offices can be fully fitted out in matching, environmentally sustainable office furniture.

Our used office chairs, desks and associated items are built to last, but surplus to requirements, they would end up in landfill if our sister company, Clear Environment, and others like it, were not on hand to provide a fully certified and traceable office clearance service.

What are the Environmental Benefits of Recycled Office Furniture?

Across the UK, around 14% of used office furniture is currently being collected for reuse. According to Wrap, this is saving around 500,000 used office chairs and desks from ending up in landfill every year.

It avoids tonnes of raw materials being processed to make new office furniture and reduces tonnes of CO2 emissions from being released into the atmosphere.

The other benefit is that buying second-hand office furniture is cost-effective. It is ideal for start-up businesses who have a tight budget and it allows larger companies to purchase top brand used office furniture for the same price as a new, budget range.

Helping UK Businesses to Increase Sustainability

With clear benefits, it is little wonder that 2nd User Furniture has helped many UK companies to fully equip their workplaces. Our aim is to provide employees with stylish, modern and adaptable office furniture in an environmentally sustainable and affordable manner.

Take a look at the website to see a selection of the current furniture available from 2nd user Furniture, which includes second-hand Herman Miller office chairs and other top brand items.

You can pop along and park outside the door of our Buckinghamshire office furniture showroom to measure, try out and check the quality of our furniture for yourself.

Alternatively, if you any questions, call us on 07944 508282 to find out if we can meet your requirements.

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